Never give up!

It is inevitable that in life, things will get hard. We will go through hardships, ups and downs. There will come a time when we want to give up on our goals and dreams, it might seem like the world is against us. I am here to tell you that no matter what, you should never give up. With every hardship comes ease, things will get better. Always have faith and never give up hope.

Daily Motivations

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  1. Don’t give up if you love what you are doing. But, in the first place, don’t assume you have to do it simply because you are somehow educated such that: 1) you will feel guilty if you don’t do it. 2) you have the duty or obligation to do it. 3) someone will punish or hate you if you don’t do it (although it is not your obligation). 4) you can’t be happy if you don’t do it. Love yourself, and have no fear, obligation, or guilt (FOG). Happiness does not need to be supplied by success or by anyone; a healthy person does not need a crutch to walk.

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