Self love is the key to finding happiness.

The most important thing you can do is love yourself, take care of yourself and know your self worth. When you know your self worth , you will not accept anything that is not worthy of you.

Do not give others the power to shatter your self esteem, to break your confidence , to make you feel unloved and unwanted. You have to have a strong foundation. And that foundation is build on self love, when you build yourself up, when you build your own confidence, no one can tear it down. The most freeing feeling is when your confidence is not reliant on other people’s affirmation or approval.


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  1. Selfishness can be a good thing. Self love is a kind of selfishness. There is nothing wrong about it. What is wrong is the Way of selfishness, not “selfishness” itself. The wrong way of selfishness do harm to others. The right way of selfishness will make you happy and loved. The greatest selfishness is selflessness. Unfortunately, selfishness has been demonized by many “good” people.

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