My hsg procedure experience.

Hello ladies, about a week ago I had my first intial visit to the Fertlity clinic to complete a small procedure called hsg. The purpose of the hsg test is to check if there is any blockage in the tubes. What the doctor does is place a iodine base dye into you’re uterus which than goes into you’re tubes. If the iodine base dye doesn’t go through your uterus, than it’s a clear indictation that you’re tubes may be blocked.

I want to talk about my personal experience, the anxieties I felt leading up to the test. Prior to my test I searched the web and watched YouTube videos of women who did the procedure. And what I heard was terrifying which made my anxiety go up even more . I kept seeing stories of females ranging from all ages, complaining about how painful the procedure was. I kept searching for stories of positive experiences and to my disappointment there were none and this made me more anxious and nervous. However the day of the procedure I followed the simple instructions of my doctor who said just take two Advil’s 2 hours prior, as I may feel small cramping. The dreaded day has finally come and I was surprised, even shocked to say that this test was not painful at all, nothing like the stories I heard. I would compare this test to a Pap test which causes mild cramping and most women get this test done every two years to detect any cervical cancer. I did notice small amount of bleeding towards the end. However I expected this because my doctors mentioned it before hand. This test was not scary at all , you even find out you’re results right away which takes a lot of the anxiety off of you. A fun fact was that I even drove myself home after the procedure. I think if I heard a positive experience, it would have lessened my anxiety and panic attacks. I Hope this post helps lessen someone’s anxiety. Everyone experiences pain differently. Just because someone had a horrible experience does not mean, yours will be the same.

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