How to be healthier

Tips on how to lose weight

If you are like me, you probably struggled with losing and keeping off the pounds. There are countless diets out there that promise to help you lose weight. I went on the atkins, paleo and keto diet, just to name a few. However I was unsuccessful at losing and keeping the weight off. I will go on a diet for a week or two, lose a couple of pounds and then I would go back to my bad eating habits. I then quickly learned that diets do not last, I didn’t start losing weight until I started to make a conscious choice to be healthier. I focused on making healthier choices and being “healthier” the goal, as opposed to just focusing on weightloss. Once I started to focus on my overall health, I started to make healthier choices. And as result of this the pounds came off. I will outline some tips that helped me transition to a healthier lifestyle.

1. Make note of all your unhealthy habits and get rid of one bad habit at a time.

2. Drink lots of water

3. Implement more vegetables and fruits

4. Cut off processed foods

5. Limit your sugar intake

6. Be active

7. Get a good night sleep

I implemented all these tips and as a result I have so much energy. I feel good and my skin couldn’t be any better. The biggest lesson I learned was to not focus on losing weight, your focus should be on being healthy. This mindset will set you up for success and put you on the right track to feeling and looking your best.

Photo provided by Canva.


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