Always “TRY” to focus on the positive

Each day we have the choice to decide how our day goes, we either can own the day or let the day own us. That’s not to say that there won’t be days, we feel like staying in bed, days that make us sink to the depths of despair. And days that everything goes wrong. However we have the choice to dwell in it or try to move forward.

Each day choose to be happy, help others, spread love and positivity everywhere you go. Choose to rise above the drama, focus your lens on the positivity and blu all the negativity!

Photo provided by Canva



  1. Thanks for sharing this. The “try” part is important though, for it can be difficult at times to feel positive. Even when you are convinced that being positive is best, there are times when it’s thougher than others. What I do when it happens, is just embrace, indulge myself with compassion and wait until I’m back to normal again 🙂

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