Tips to beat the winter blues.

As we are going through the winter season in my part of the world Canada and other parts of the world. The sun set early, a lot of us start to feel a bit down, loss of energy and not our usual selves. This is due to the lack of sunlight exposure. And as a result of this a lot of people experience the winter blues. There are a lot of ways you can combat the winter blues. I will outline some tips below.

1. Be active

2. Make sure you take your vitamin D supplements

3. Get fresh air as much as possible

4. Stay connected with loved ones

5. Eat healthy foods rich in vitamin b, d, calcium and magnesium which boost our serotonin and overall improve our mood.

6. Pick up a new hobby

7. Talk to someone if you are not feeling like yourself

8. If you are experiencing depression, talk to your doctor immediately .

Photo provided by canva



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