Be proud of yourself!

As humans we are always looking to accomplish more, achieve more and hit another milestone. Although it is good to challenge yourself and set new goals. However at the same time you need to take a step back and be proud of all that you have accomplished. Some people become too absorbed into achieving the next goal, that they forget to live in the present moment and enjoy all the accomplishments thus far. My advice to will be to celebrate after each milestone big or small.

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  1. That really is great advice. We can be so caught up in accomplishing the next thing that we miss all that we’ve achieved to that point. When we can honestly step back for even just a short moment; look back and reflect on what things we’ve overcome or accomplished, we are often overwhelmed with the milestones that we’ve hit.

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  2. Reflection. I have never truly celebrate my accomplishments. I struggled from being a high school drop out to a college grad. I didn’t know how to celebrate and qas disappointed when my family didn’t acknowledge my achievement. So, I am learning to celebrate with the people who have loved and supported me on this journey.

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