How not to procrastinate.

We are all guilty of procrastinating from time to time. The reasons I have procrastinated in the past is because I have always convinced myself that I had time on my side . I would tell myself I will start tomorrow and tomorrow will turn into next week, next month and a year would pass by and I did not accomplish the goals I set for myself. Another reason why I have pprocrastinated was the fear of failure. Once I realized this, I decided to conquer my fears. I was no longer going to allow my fears to dictate how I live my life.

It was always easier for me to not procrastinate when it came to university and work assignments because I always had someone else to answer to. When the only person that I had to answer to was myself, I slacked off . However all that changed when I made myself a priority. I realized that time was a precious gift and tomorrow is not guaranteed. I started committing to my goals because they are important to me. And a year from now I don’t want to make the same New Years resolution, I want to look back and see that I have went after my goals whether I failed or not.

I will outline the tips that have made me not procasinate and be more productive each day.

1. I would write out my goals and make a vision board for myself, so every morning I would be reminded of what I need to work on.

2. Everyday I would do things that helped me get closer to my goal.

3. I always reminded myself why I set these goals in the first place and this has given me the drive to keep going.

4. I would do self reflection each week and see areas I need to improve in.

5. I would change my negative thoughts into positive ones.

6. Instead of saying tomorrow, I would say why not today.

7. I became more organized, I would have a to do list each day and this helped me be more productive.

8. Instead of doing nothing, I did small things that made a big difference to helping me achieve my goals.


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