The Momo challenge and why every parent should know about it.

I have recently hear about this challenge and it is very disturbing and extremely dangerous since young children are the targets. For those of you that don’t know what the Momo challenge is, it started as a WhatsApp game called the momo challenge it sends a message saying call from WhatsApp, once the call is made a frightening character with bulging eyes appears, instructing young children to cause harm to others and inflict self harm. If the child does not follow the orders of this haunting character, they receive threats.

Furthermore it is being reported that this is now showing up in childrens YouTube videos shows such as peppa pig, fortnite, mind craft etc. The momo is being run by hackers, who are looking to steal personal information. Parents should be aware of this and let their kids know that this is not real. Children should be told to notify their parents if this pops up while watching a video. I think these conversations are important and necessary to stop your child from causing harm to others and themselves.



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