Jordyn Woods breaks her silence.

Jordyn Woods has broken her silence. She sat down with Jada Pinkett Smith on her show called ”the red table talk” to speak her truth about the night that changed everything. For those of you that haven’t been following the story, Jordyn Woods was caught making out with the Khloes boyfriend Tristan. This has been a trending story ever since it broke last week. Jordyn Woods has been bullied and attacked online once the story came out. She has chosen to speak up because her family have been getting harassed and are unable to leave their homes. And by breaking her silence she feels like it will set her free.

Jordyn Woods has claimed that things did not transpire the way the media made it out to be. She went to Tristans house for an after party with a couple of her friends and everyone was just hanging out. Nothing happened until she was about to leave the house and that’s when Tristan kissed her. She originally lied about it to Kylie and Khloe. And then she came clean afterwards.

Once the interview aired Khloe accused Woods of lying and blamed her for breaking up her home. When I saw this I was shocked at how she can blame anyone other than Tristan for breaking up their home. He has cheated on her before and if it was not with Jordyn it would have been with someone else. The one that build a home with you, is the only one that can break that home.

I feel that Jordyn has taken responsibility for her part in this drama and she was absolutely sincere. She is after all 21, she has made a mistake and alcohol was involved. She is the only one who is taking all the heat in this. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. She has taken accountability for her actions, which says alot. However I don’t think it is right for people to continue bullying her and her family.

I wish lots of love and healing for everyone involved . I hope Khloe starts to love herself and realize that she deserves better than she has been getting.

source: theredtabletalk


  1. Very well written. Such an infuriating rationale. You count on your significant other to be strong, but that just isn’t enough anymore. People don’t respect the boundaries or the sanctity of other people’s committed relationships. Kind of a sucky time we live in.

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  2. Absolutely spot on! It’s disgraceful when women ‘attack’ the other woman ignoring their man’s involvement in the first place. The question of loyalty and/or betrayal lies with the couple never the third party. Blaming another is just a lame excuse down denial lane. As Muna has so rightly pointed out, Khloe needs to wake up and deal with the real culprit here and that’s ‘her man’.

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  3. Well said ! I hate the fact that women blame other woman for their cheating boyfriends/husbands. All that rage Khloe is expressing should be at the only person that has been hurting her! It’s time she wakes up and faces the real reality which is being blinded by a man that will do whatever he likes and knows he will get away with it! She says tristen is the father of her child. But would you allow the father of child to disespect/abuse you or your child? No so why do you constantly take all the infidelity… isn’t that a form of disrespect and emotional abuse? Very sad… I hope she figures it out instead of blaming another woman for her reality….(being with a chronic cheater)

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