Everyone is always doing something, but we gotta ask ourselves is what we are doing important, is it impacting our lifes and the life’s of others in a positive way? Is it causing more bad than good, is it helping or hindering our growth? Does it bring excitement into our life’s? We have to ask ourselves these questions, it’s self reflection and it is necessary.

Self reflection allows you to reflect on your life and behaviour. You are able to see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.It’s gives you room to improve and grow. Each day, take five minutes to do self-reflection on how your day went, this will allow you to grow as a person.

I feel that when I do self reflection I become more self aware of myself and how I interact with others. Self refleftion allows me to figure out what my wants and needs are.



  1. Self-reflection can be an important tool in growth and progress as individuals. I think people can get stuck in the whole self-reflection mode and wallow in the disappointments and failures of the past while ignoring the successes and triumphs that more often than not, out-weigh the bad stuff. Self-reflection is good, just not stay there too long.

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