Is kylie Jenner really self-made?

Kylie Jenner was just named on Forbes list for being the youngest self-made billionaire. Although that is an impressive accomplishment, a lot of people do not like the term self-made when it comes to her.

The term self-made means someone becoming successful without any aid. Therefore a lot of people don’t use that term to describe Kylie Jenner, who has been on a reality show since she was a kid. She has an Olympic winning father, a family who has their own reality show and famous older siblings. The argument being made is that she has a lot of social media influence due to her famous family, this has played a role in making her makeup line Kylie cosmetics successful. If she was a regular girl without any influence or a large following would she still be where she is today and the answer from a lot of people is ”no”. That is not to say she didn’t work hard and it does not undermine her success. However the word self-made should not be used to describe her.



  1. She is not self-made, for someone like her with that reality show and family is easy to make an empire like that, I just hope that she makes wise use of that money, and influence in a good way the girls that look up to her

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