R. Kelly breaks his silence.

R.Kelly sat down with Gayle from CBS this morning. He wanted to do the interview because he was tired of the lies, he has been hearing in the media. He watched the documentary where his survivors spoke out about the abuse they indured while they were with him. He said that the documentary made him out to be Lucifer and all the women were lying about him.

In 2008 he was found not guilty for

14 counts of child pornography. Til this day he remains he is innocent. During the interview he becomes outraged and starts crying hysterically. He said “I need somebody to help me not have a big heart because my heart is so big , people betray me and I keep forgiving them” Gayle interjects and says “you sound like your playing the victim here”. He claimed that he was telling the truth, that he is fighting for his life and he has not seen his kids in a long time because of these allegations.

Gayle brought up his childhood of him being molested and if that has affected him at all. He said it has affected his music but not his behaviour.

Gayle asked him if he has been to therapy, or if he thinks he needs therapy? He responded “absolutely I am thinking and talking about that”. Gayle pointed out that he seemed out of touch, that his perception of the charges differ from the rest of the world. He said he has truth on his side, despite the countless allegations against him. This will play out in court and if he is found guilty he can face up to 75 years in prison.

This teaches us that everything that is done in the dark, always comes to light. Your past sins will always come and haunt you, it does not matter whether you have fame and money. A lot of people wanted him to take accountability for all the hurt and suffering he has caused and he has not.

Source: CBS this morning



  1. What a POS. It’s so agravating when rich men destory other’s lives and then have the nerve to play the victom themselves. I get he had a bad childhood and a lot of people do, but, speaking as a victom of abuse, you deal with it by getting help. A ton of people are messed up as kids yet most of them dont have a single inkling to abuse a child.

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