R.Kelly’s girlfriends defend him and blame their parents.

R. Kelly’s two current girlfriends Jocelyn Savage and Azriel Clary sat down with Gayle King from CBS, the interview aired this morning. This interview was very bizarre. It is evident that these two young women are brain washed by R. Kelly and are suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

They haven’t seen there families in years. During the interview the girls blame their parents for pimping them out to R.Kelly. When Gayle stated the fact that R.Kelly started a sexual relationship with Azriel at the age of 17, she comes to his defence saying that her parents made her lie about her age and he actually thought she was 18. Furthermore the girls have accused their parents of trying to extort money from R.Kelly. Both set of parents denied these allegations.

A lot of people have questioned the parents judgement because they were aware of R.Kellys past with young girls and they allowed their daughters to be around him. However I believe the parents were naive and I don’t think they would purposely put their daughters in harms way.

I hope these two young women wake up and see the reality of the situation that they are in. If they were in a healthy relationship, they would not be cut off from their family and friends. A loving relationship does not require you to sacrifice any part of yourself. Unfortunately a lot of people are in abusive and controlling relationships and not even know it. They mistake the control for love. Always keep in mind that love adds to your life, not take away.


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