The blessings of hardships.

A hardship can be both a blessing and a curse. It can be a curse because it can make you fall and break into a million pieces. It also can be a blessing because it gives you the strength you never knew you had to put those pieces back together and the courage to get up from the fall stronger and wiser than ever!

Photo provided by Pexels.


  1. Hardships teach you resilience and the ability to survive. Giraffe teach this to their offspring when they are fresh from the womb. As the newborn tries to get up and walk, the mother pushes him/her back down. This process goes on until the offspring can get up quickly enough and avoid being knocked down. The mother is prepping the newborn for real life.


  2. I can say this I know to be true because of personal experience! I lost my job due to occupational injury and soon after my house, my car and my marriage. I don’t feel cursed because I didn’t appreciate any of it because I wasn’t living the life that I truly wanted and now I am chasing my dreams!

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