New Zealand Terror Attack.

There has been a mass shooting in several Christchurch mosques in New Zealand. It has been reported that 49 people have been killed and 48 injured.

One of the shooter is identified as a 28 year old white, right wing Australian terrorist that live streamed the massacre. The attacker stormed into Al-Noor mosque during Friday prayers and started shooting innocent worshippers. The second attack took place in Masjid Mosque killing seven individuals. Three men and one woman were taken into custody and will be charged. There were 41 killed at Al-Noor Mosque and 11 at Masji Mosque. There are 48 people that are injured, some happen to have life threatening injuries.

It is clear that this was a terrorist attack, one that was fueled by hate. New Zealand prime minister has said that Fridays terror attack is one of New Zealands darkest days.

It is very sad and disturbing that these kinds of attacks are happening more frequently all over the world. Anyone can get a gun and start shooting people if they like and that should not be the case. This attack was fueled by hate which is disturbing. I don’t think the media should say these terrorists names, they want the fame and they should not be given that. The media sensationalizes these individuals and they are given the attention that they want. They want their named to be remembered, they want to be talked about. I think the victims should be remembered. And these killers should remain nameless and punished by the law.

I wish we lived in a world where everyone treated each other with respect and showed love to each other despite their differences. My prayers are with all those involved and the families that have lost a loved one due to these senseless killings.

Photo provided by: abcnews




  1. This news made me so sad and disgusted at the same time. I completely understand your wish about everyone understanding and respecting each other. Sigh it’s become even more rampant. If I can share any form of hope, what did make me happy was how the New Zealand people reacted. They’ve been so kind and understanding and it just reminds me that the famous outliers are not the majority. And hopefully the majority really does care about all of us. No matter who we are and what our differences may be.

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