Fake friends vs Real friends.

We have all had enemies that were disguised as our friends. We were fooled by their fake persona, that we missed the red flags. I will outline some signs of a fake friend.

1. They are never supportive.

2. They are never there for you.

3. They are around during the good times and disappear during difficult times.

4. They point out your flaws.

5. They rejoice in your suffering.

6. They have a hard time celebrating your success.

7. They rarely intitate get together’s or call just to check in.

8. They never ask how your doing, it is always about what they are going through.

9. They never stand up for you in front of other people .

10. They always break their promises and never show up when they say they would .

11. They like to put you down in front of others and laugh at your expense.

12. They never try to help you achieve your goals.

13. They seem to disappear when you need them the most.

14. They always seem to need something from you and when they don’t get, they stop coming around.

15. They are very judgemental.

A real friend is supportive. A real friend cries with you during dark times and celebrates with you during happy times. You can always count on a real friend. They always have your back, whether you are present or not. Time and distance can never get in the way of your friendship. A real friend is not judgemental. A real friend is always honest with you and wants the best for you.



  1. When my wife left I actually discovered new friends. People that were just on the periphery but who gave me much support when I was down. People I didn’t expect actually. I have made a point to continue those friendships.
    Great post!

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    • That’s true, I use to struggle with the same thing . What has helped me decide is; I try to see if the good outweighs the bad. I would ask myself are they bringing more positive energy into my life or are they bringing more negative energy into my life?


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