Wendy Williams has been living in a sober house for addiction treatment.

Wendy Williams has revealed on her show that she has been living in a sober house for sometime now. She said right after the show, she goes to Pilates and then she goes over to the sober house living, the only people that have known about this is her husband Kevin and her son Kevin junior. She gets driven to the sober house by her 24 hour addiction counsellor. That’s where she is currently residing with other addicts, whom she said have become family to her.

Wendy has been candid about her past struggles with cocaine addiction, she was able to beat the addiction without seeking treatment. However this time she has decided to get treatment. She wanted to be truthful and speak about her road to sobriety, as a way to help other individuals battling with addiction.

The tv host has been on hiatus for the past two months, to focus on her health and getting better. At the time it was said, to be due to health issues. However with today’s admission, a lot of people are believing now that it might have been due to her relapse. Addiction is something that affects so many people and unfortunately claims the life’s of countless individuals each year. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please seek professional help immediately.

She is really brave to share her struggles with the whole world and by doing so she is helping countless individuals seek the help they need. I am wishing Wendy Williams all the best in her road to recovery. And anyone who may be suffering, I wish you healing and health.

Source: the Wendy Williams show.



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