Wendy Williams husband caught with his mistress again.

Just yesterday I reported that Wendy Williams has relapsed and is living in a sober house. Today a new story along with some photos of Wendy Williams husband with his mistress have come out. It has been previously reported that this affair has been going on for years. Kevin has been living a double life with his mistress 32 year old masseuse Sharina Hudson and his affair is most likely the cause for her relapse.

His mistress has given him an ultimatum to leave Wendy and start a family with her. Although he loves Sharina, he allegedly says he can not leave her because she is bankrolling their lifestyle.

This affair has come up in the media multiple times, each time with photo proof. However Wendy denies the allegations but where there is smoke there is fire. I hope Wendy Williams gets the strength to leave this marriage and know her self worth. Clearly he is not respecting her and is not loyal at all. He has humiliated her time and time again and does not want to let go of his mistress. You cannot hold onto someone that does not want you. She needs to find her own happiness. Wendy Williams needs to focus on her health, her son and career. She needs to start loving herself and know her self worth.

Source DailyMail.com



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