Did the rise of social media create self-centred and narcissist individuals?

The last decade we have seen a tremendous growth with social media and it has changed the way people connect. Social media has allowed people to be closer than ever. It has brought a lot of social issues to the forefront. It has given people a voice that they did not have before. Although social media has some great benefits there are a lot of downside to social media.

With the rise of social networking platforms, people have become addicted to their image and how others perceive them. There are so many people that go to great lengths to create the perfect online image that is not rooted in reality. According to research studies a lot of people have reported feeling anxiety and depression because they feel that they do not measure up to their online peers. However they do not realize that everything is a photo op. People are more concerned in trying to capture the perfect moment instead of living it. People are able to put together the perfect snippet of their day editing out all the bad moments. So in actuality they are envying a life that does not exist.

A lot of people have reported being image conscious because the perfect bodies are plastered all over social media and that has caused a lot of low self esteem and self hate. We see a lot of young girls going under the knife to achieve what they deem the perfect body. However no amount of surgery can fix what’s broken on the inside.

The rise of bullies and internet trolls have risen due to this social platforms. Anyone can get online , spew hate and bully people just because they can. A lot of people were driven to suicide because of the online bullying. These internet trolls are relentless in spreading hate. They lack any morales and have zero integrity. I hope more people would be conscious of what they say and realize the value their words have and to use it to inflict good instead of harm.

There are a lot of people online constantly showing off their bodies, lives and some of them their wealth. People are constantly trying to get affirmation and approval from others by constantly displaying their lives. And so many people have made a living out of doing so. It seems that people have become a bit narcissist and self obsessed. I hope more people use social media to spread love and awareness about issues that matter and will make a difference.

Photo provided by Pexels.


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