Self-awareness is key to self-improvement.

Self awareness is a sign of maturity. Without self awareness there is a lack of accountability and owning up to ones faults. An immature and selfish person always looks for ways to make themselves the victim while painting the true victims as the villain. If you are not self aware, how can you self reflect? Be aware of your actions, take accountability for your wrong doing, or else you will never grow as a person and will be stuck with the victim mentality.



  1. Self awareness like you say is key – its the difference between taking responsibility for your failure and blaming other to being able to take a serious look why a goal is not working.

    Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Self-awareness as you so well stated is one true sign of maturity. Being self-aware or in other words, being aware of who you are, allows a person to understand where they are in any specific juncture in life; make changes that allow them to grow and further mature. It is unfortunate, even with some I folks I know, “playing victim mentality” has become their lifestyle choice. I guess it garners great attention for them, while never having to take responsibility for much for their actions.

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