Life lessons I have learned.

1. What doesn’t break you, makes you stronger. I have learned that all the hardships that I went through made me stronger and wiser. I honestly wouldn’t be the person that I am today without the hard times.

2. You can’t control the way others treat you but you can control how you react. I learned that people are unpredictable and will behave however they want but you have the power to react how you want. At the end of the day you are in control of your emotions.

3. Worrying does not solve anything. I learned not to worry too much and have more faith because no matter how much I worry, it will not change anything.

4. Fear is a roadblock to success. I learned to kick fear down, in order to open the door to success and opportunities.

5. I learned the importance of time and not to take it for granted. We will never get back the time that we lost. That’s why I try to cherish every moment and be present.

6. I learned to priorities my needs and wants because when I am happy, I am able to give more of myself to the ones I love.

7. I learned to never allow my failures to define me. My failures have been a teacher to me, they have taught me what to do and what not to do. It allowed me to work harder and improve myself.

8. I learned to not measure myself worth and based on what others think of me. I have learned to love myself and make sure that my foundation of self love is strong.

9. I have learned to cherish the good times and have patience during the bad times.

10. I have learned hard times reveal peoples characters. You really get to see who your true friends are.

11. I learned to take risks and let go of my fear of failure. I learned that every risk can either bring me happiness or a lesson, either ways it’s a win.

12. I learned not to take anyone for granted, everyone is not always going to be around forever, always cherish your loved ones.

13. I learned to love my own solitude. You need to be comfortable with being on your own and enjoy your own company.

14. I learned the importance of self reflection and self awareness. We always have to look at ourselves before we point the finger at others.

15. I learned to celebrate all of my accomplishments big or small. Sometimes we are always looking into the future that we forget how far we have come. You need to reflect on all that you have accomplished and be proud of yourself.

16. I have learned that karma is real. The good and bad deeds we have done will come back to us, that is why I always make sure to treat everyone I encounter with love and respect.

17. I learned to be authentically myself and not change who I am for anyone. Those that care for you, will love you for who you are.



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