You have to detach from everything negative in your life.

You have to detach yourself from everything that is holding you back. The energy and vibes that you allow to have around you will impact you more than you know. Therefore open your eyes , evaluate those that you keep company with and see if they add value to your life or take away from it.

Don’t feel bad about distancing yourself from those who have wronged you and have been negative. You deserve to be around people who want to see you win, those that rejoice and cry with you. You should not be around those that rejoice when you cry and cry when you rejoice.



  1. This is so true. Sometimes we have to step back and don’t go to their level. When we know someone is creating a negative vibe within us, we have to learn to let it pass and go. It’s not healthy and it can affect it dramatically.

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  2. A great post and a top notch reminder that distancing ourselves from negative people or the things and people holding us back, then creates or starts to create that fertile environment for us to flourish. I’ve found that even turning off the negative found in news broadcasts and such has a huge impact on the negative energy that surround me.

    There are many people out there who are close to us that unfortunately live to steal our joy.

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