Nipsey Hussle’s memorial service.

Today was Nipsey Hussle’s real name Ermias Joseph Asghedom memorial service, it is being held at the Staples center in down town Los Angeles. The tickets were free and sold out in 10 minutes. This showed the impact that this man had on the lives of so many people. Since his untimely demise so many people have been mourning and paying tribute to him all over the world. He was more than a rapper , he was an entrepreneur that gave back to his community. He opened countless business and employed people from his community. He has done so much and given back tremendously in his short life.

His memorial service has been opened to fans and being live streamed all over the web so fans everywhere can watch and join in on his celebration of life. His music was being played, pastors have spoken, his family members and friends made heartfelt eulogy to him. It was a celebration of his life and the legacy he leaves behind. Furthermore Barack Obama has written a letter which was read at the furneral, he was sending his condolences and was impressed with Nipsey Hussle contribution to his community.

He leaves behind his two kids, a son with actress girlfriend Lauren London and his daughter from a previous relationship. Along with his parents and brothers and a sister. Along with his friends and millions of fans worldwide. He has made a lot of people want to give back and live a life of service to others. His legacy will forever live on. Rest In Peace Nipsey Hussle.

Picture provided by:Nipsey Hussle Instagram.



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