How to give moms advice without mom shaming.

I am sure a lot of moms get a lot advice especially first time moms. I mean there is nothing wrong with giving advice. However at times these advice can come off has being judgemental and harsh. There are ways to share knowledge with someone without shaming or insulting them. I know a lot of people don’t mean to come off as judgemental or even try to mom shame but their delivery comes off as such.

I will give you advice on how to not mom shame and be compassionate when trying to give friendly advice.

1. Don’t tell a mom what she is doing is wrong because at the end of the day what works for you, might not work for everyone.

2. Always keep in mind that a mother would never intentionally harm or do something that wasn’t in the best interest of her child, so never critique her approach to motherhood.

3. Always say “this is what worked for me” when giving advice as opposed to “you should do this”.

4. Always be compassionate and approach with kindness.

5. Keep in mind parenting isn’t a one size fits all approach. Everyone has their way of doing things.

6. Don’t compare your child to another child when giving advice (ex: your child still wears diapers omg, mine stopped months ago), this can make a parent feel like they are doing something wrong.

7. When giving advice make sure that you have a close relationship with the mom and she asked for advice as opposed to giving unsolicited advice.

8. Please refrain from giving advice when you see something you disapprove of because it is not your child or your place.

9. Don’t be judgemental when giving advice. Make sure you show compassion and understanding.

10. Remind them of all the things they are doing right.

Photo provided by Pexel


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