Sri Lanka explosion kills more than 200 people.

It has sadly been reported that their has been a terror attack and series of explosions have been set off across Sri Lanka. It is being said that the explosions have been coordinated. These explosions have been set off in churches and high end hotels. 8 explosives have been set off killing 200 people so far and injuring many more. There isn’t enough information released yet on who is behind these attacks.

These terror attacks are happening more and more frequently now a days , it is devastating. These senseless killings need to stop. I don’t know what would compel someone to go and take someone’s life so easily. Something needs to be done, this can’t continue happening. My prayers are with all the victims and their families. I pray healing and peace for everyone.

Source: CNN


  1. Sad! Sad!! Sad!!! So sad!!!! It is really disheartening to imaging the volume and velocity of hatred and anger in some people’s minds. The will to cause harm to others without remorse and to bask in delight of seeing others suffer beats me hollow.

    Thank you for sharing even though the news broke my heart.


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