The negative side of social media

Social media has advanced so much in the past decade, there are a lot of advantages that come with it. It has made seeking knowledge a lot easier, people can stay connected. And important issues are getting the attention they deserve due to social media.

Although there is a lot of positive things about social media, there is also negative sides to social media.

1. Cyber bullying has increased. People feel brave hiding behind a screen and they are able to insult and put others down.

2. Social media has caused bad body image and low self esteem (people are constantly comparing themselves to altered and photoshopped bodies).

3. Individuals have unrealistic views about life, they see their favourite influencers living what they deem the perfect life and they feel that they don’t match up.

4. People are constantly comparing themselves to others.

5. Individuals are not present because they are constantly glued for their phone.

6. Your wasting precious time that is not

Contributing to your growth.

From time to time we should go on social media detox and cleanse, to remember what’s important in life and to life in the real world.


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