Ayesha Curry gets backlash over her comment about wanting the attention of other men.

Ayesha Curry who is married to basketball player Steph Curry has caused some controversy over her comments on Jada Pinkett Smiths red table talk. Ayesha Curry along with her mother and sister in-laws sat down with Jada Pinkett Smith to discuss being basketball wives and all that comes with it. It is was during this interview that Ayesha Curry confessed that her husband gets a lot of attention from women and it bothers her that she doesn’t get any male attention. This statement has caused a lot of uproar and backlash amongst their fans.

A lot of people feel that she should be content with herself and she should seek the attention and validation from her husband instead of strange men. Other people agree with what she said.

I feel that self love and self worth comes from within. It is apparent that she has insecurities and she thinks by getting attention from other men that she will somehow feel better about herself. However that feeling is temporary, once the attention fades so will her self esteem.

I would advice Ayesha Curry and other women to start loving themselves and do things that make them feel good about themselves. If you give others the power to build you up, you have also given them the power to break you down. You should build up your foundation with self love and self worth, that way the absence of attention and validation will not break your self esteem.

Source: Red Table Talk.


  1. Many women, no matter how much prestige, suffer with self esteem issues and desiring attention. I agree that we have to learn to love ourselves and also get to the root of the self esteem issue so healing can begin.

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