If you don’t love and value yourself the world will swallow you up.

If you don’t value and love yourself the world will swallow you up. It will leave you empty and confused. If your foundation of self love is not solid it will crumble. You have to take a step back and examine how your self esteem is build, is it with the love and attention of others, if so what happens when that attention fades, your self esteem fades with it. However when your self esteem is built on self love and self-worth, nothing can crumble it. Therefore start loving your imperfections and embracing your flaws.

For a lot of people self-love is something difficult to do. However you have to work on it day by day. Each day take steps to love and better yourself. Start doing things that you love, start taking care of yourself. Change your negative thoughts into positive ones. All it takes is commitment and a lot of self-care and self-reflection.

Photo provided by Pexels.

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