Halle Bailey casted as Disney’s little mermaid’s Ariel.

Halle Bailey is casted as Ariel from the little Mermaid. I was very excited about the news but some people do not share my excitement. This news has revealed a lot of people’s prejudice. There has been a lot of online controversy and hate.

I am saddened and shocked about some people’s hateful reaction to this news. I am appalled that we have to deal with these racist attitudes and view points in today’s day and age. Does it really matter if Ariel is being played by a talented beautiful black actress, all that matters is she captures the essence of the characters personality. She was chosen for the role for a reason, she can sing and she can act. It’s sad that this is the type of world we are living in. I want Halle to know that there are many people who are ecstatic about this casting and these view points is the reason why this needed to happen.

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