How to get unstuck!

Remember new years eve 2016 when your new year resolution was to drop a few pounds and be the best version of yourself. Remember the same goals on new years eve 2017, 2018 and 2019? Ever wonder why we keep setting the same goals and never following through. I’ve wondered and I have finally come to understand two things: for one I have a hard time being uncomfortable and secondly I have subconsciously believed I dont deserve my best self. Sounds weird huh..hear me out.

My main goal every year is to get fit. I have failed every year. While the desire for change is certainly there, I’m lacking the willpower to push through and make the right choices to achieve my goal. When it comes to eating right, my fall back plan after a cheat meal is always “tomorrow, I will eat better tomorrow”. Then I come to find tomorrow never came because everyday becomes a cheat day. As for the working out well…that’s a bust too. I get super motivated and driven and hit the gym hard…for like 2 weeks. My day off becomes two weeks off and then….well you know where I’m going with this. So to go back to my point, I dont like to be uncomfortable and discomfort results in giving up for most of us. We all do desperately want to achieve our goals but lack the motivation to push through when it gets hard. Since when was anything worth having easy to get? Think about it…dating is hard but you got to get through the difficult relationships to find the one, school is difficult but you have to push through study sessions and late nights to get your degree or diploma, raising kids is hard but boy it is worth it! The key is to imagine the final result and wonderful outcome of all your hardwork and that itself is all the motivation we need.

For me this year is going to be different. The new me…well it’s not going to start in the new year. My transformation starts now. The procastination, the quitting, the constant cheat days it all stops now. While I dont have a success story to share just yet, I do have a new found determination to just do it! And when it becomes hard…to keep doing it, and when I lose my footing…to just keep doing it. After all, we can not get unstuck if we do not move.

Written by

Muna Abdul


  1. I cam relate. Oh boy can i relate. I had a bad habit of not keeping promises to self. I let that go in 2018. I make a vision board and divided it into 6 sections and list my desires in order of importance. Me first. Me first. This year i have achieved 4 out of 6 goals and the year is still young. I am.looking forward to 2020😊

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  2. You got this! I know that cycle myself. I’ve come to find that my hiccup is stress. I can run 5 times a week for like 5 weeks straight, but then if I have a bad day at work and get stressed, I’ll transform that into a cheat day and eat a lot of ice cream lol. Then I will feel a little sluggish the next day, undetermined to work out that day. I have since learned the triggers I encounter so I will not succumb to them as much but it can still be difficult. What has helped me is creating personal goals for my fitness. I.e. achieve a personal mile-run best or be able to lift 5 more lbs for a certain exercise by the end of the month, stuff like that.

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